The results are in!

We are so proud of our Y13 students who have once again achieved outstanding results this year.62% of students gained A*/A and 86% scored A*/A/B in their A-Levels. This bucked the national. trend where grades were down by 27%

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The percentages sometimes hide individual success stories - for example in five cases students arrived for tuition at Easter and upped their grades from a D up to two Bs and two As and an E to a B.

So, if you are reading this and thinking about how to choose a tutor, here are some of the things I would look for to maximise success:

Qualified Teacher Status. Experience is key. It means that the tutor has a bank of resources and strategies to teach.

Experience in examining. Knowing the mark schemes, key words etc is crucial. Otherwise, it is a lengthy process of filtering information for the student. A good tutor will already have done the filtering for the student.

A love of teaching and learning. It is much harder to engage with a disinterested or bored teacher whatever their qualifications or experience.

Sometimes it is also just the X factor. We all need to ‘just click’ with people.

But it isn’t all down to the teacher. The student must want to learn. Curiosity is part of childhood and just as a bored disinterested teacher is unlikely to engage their students, a student lacking curiosity to learn will also not engage and is unlikely to succeed.

At Wilmslow Tuition Centre we are highly experienced at teaching and learning and our team has been put together to optimise students’ potential to ‘nail’ those grades.

Don’t leave it too late to make contact! Places fill up fast with some courses fully booked by early September. The sooner you start the greater the reward!