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We have fifteen highly experienced tutors across science, maths and English.

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Andrea is a graduate of Durham University and has a PGCE from Keele University.  She has over twenty years experience in biology teaching and departmental management in some of the top Grammar schools and tutorial colleges in the country.  Andrea is a registered examiner and brings board specific experience to her tuition.  In particular she has a proven track record in improving exam performance and helping students enjoy science and achieve their full potential. ​Andrea has acted as the UK expert to the EU in biology education and examines biology in written and oral exams for the European Baccalaureate across Europe.


​Ian graduated in Theoretical Physics from St Andrews. He is an experienced mathematics teacher with a broad and very successful track record in mathematics teaching, departmental management and educational consultancy.   He has worked as a numeracy consultant to the government, a principal examiner for the European Baccalaureate and as a writer for KS3 exams.  Latterly, he was head of department in a successful London college teaching both home and international students.


Howard is Business Manager with Wilmslow Tuition Centre and is responsible for the financial and marketing aspects of the organisation. Howard is a graduate in physiology from the University of  Glasgow and has previously operated at senior levels within both the pharmaceutical industry and medical communications environments where he gained considerable financial, man management and operational expertise.


Jeanette graduated from Hamburg University in 1998 achieving a combined degree in Chemistry and Physics. Her publications on liquid crystals as well as the synthesis of a thistle extract were published at the time. ​Jeanette gained a PGCE from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2007 and has been working as a Physics teacher ever since.  She is an outstanding and popular teacher and is well known for her organised approach to lessons, her enthusiasm and excellent exam results.  Jeanette is skilled in dispelling any prior apprehensions students may have about her subject and to build students’ confidence.


Ayda has a passion for bringing out the best in young learners, teaching them how to learn and develop an interest for the subject. Seeing a student understanding something new has always been special to Ayda she believes it is important to give students techniques that aid them in their learning, instead of just forcing them to memorise lists. Ayda finds this is not only beneficial for them academically, but promotes critical thinking skills that are of use later in life beyond school.


Tom has over fifteen years’ teaching experience.  As an examiner, he has reached the highest possible standard for Edexcel and Pearson and therefore can offer specific guidance on how to maximise students’ exam results on the new specification.
Recently, Tom has been certified to teach Further A-Level Maths, achieving over50% A* in his first year of teaching.

Tom seeks to instil confidence by building and scaffolding skills to deepen understanding, enabling students to create their own methods of problem solving. Acknowledging that students don’t all think alike, he offers bespoke explanations on fundamental topics to minimise gaps in students’ learning. Tom utilises targeted questions and diagrams to promote critical thinking and believes that, while mistakes are part of the learning process, the priority is developing strategies to prevent recurring errors.


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