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A conversation about small groups

2 minutes

So, what are the benefits of small group tuition?

If we were to redesign schooling so it was optimal (ignoring cost and teacher recruitment difficulties) then this is what we would do.  It means students have just the right amount of attention from the teacher.  It also means that we can accelerate learning by feeding their curiosity, so they enjoy learning.  Each child is heard, and their queries are answered.

Why is it optimal?

The lesson pace is just right.  It gives students the space to practise past questions without a teacher breathing down their neck but with help at hand even before they know they need it.

This means we can progress much faster than school and access harder questions for extension rather than repetition of easier questions which just becomes boring and tiring.

All in a relaxed friendly atmosphere.

Why not go for a one to one?

A one-to-one lesson can give a false sense of security because the teacher is constantly giving prompts to aid students answering questions.  The hardest part of an applied or contextual question is understanding what it is actually asking and students must develop this skill without a teacher rephrasing the question.  This requires thinking time which is unlikely to be given in a one to one setting. It is much easier to ask for, or give, a prompt because both the teacher and the student are aware of  ‘time wasting’ and feel that pressure.

What about clinics?  What are they?

Zoom clinics a few days after the lesson, give the opportunity for more past questions. We can do ‘retrieval practice’ where we spiral back to work done last week or last month so nothing is forgotten then push forwards to harder questions accessing higher grades.  So clinics both support and extend learning.

Why come to the Tuition Centre?  Why not go for a cheaper alternative?

Our tutors are all experienced teachers, passionate about teaching.  Many are (or have been) examiners.  I am contacted all the time by inexperienced people thinking they can teach.  We only work with experienced, qualified teachers.  This means students can feel confident knowing we are delivering a high-quality learning experience.

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