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Student Support

What are the key benefits of tuition?

Improve understanding, increase confidence, improve school grades, provide key notes and revision cards which save time and optimise results introduce you to a network of teachers and students who work together so you achieve top results

How soon after coming will I notice a difference?

Usually within 1-2 weeks but we all learn at a different pace

What happens if I can’t make it to a group lesson because of another commitment or due to sickness?

Most lessons are repeated and so if you miss one then you can come to another the same week. If this isn’t possible, the notes will be provided and we will help you to catch up in the clinic time.

Why is small group tuition the optimal way to learn?

You will have the opportunity to learn, then practise and consolidate.  Learning is supported and scaffolded by a qualified teacher.  Individual issues can be raised in the groups particularly during paired and trio working in break-out rooms.  Students generally much prefer working in small groups and it is definitely better value for money.

What if I can’t make it to a one to one due to another commitment or sickness?

As long as we receive prior notification and have sufficient time to cancel the tutor you will not be charged.  It is best to give as much notice as possible.

What if I know I will be unavoidably late to a lesson?

Phone or text Andrea on 07906 962279

What do I need to bring to lessons?

Just a pencil case and calculator.  You will be given a dedicated folder to bring each lesson.

I am worried about a school report and would like to discuss this

Sure.  Book an appointment to speak to Andrea

Is it possible to have feed back from the tutors?

Just send Andrea an email asking for feedback. Reports will automatically be sent out before Christmas.  Tests and mock exams help you to know what your current grade is.

Is additional revision available over the holidays?

We have a full revision programme with extra lessons in the February, Easter and May holidays.  There may also be extra lessons during October half term- just ask.

I am worried that I am not on track for my target grade.

We can arrange a strategy meeting to agree objectives and help put you back on track with a manageable plan

What is provided in lessons?

Notes, past questions, testing, feedback.


When are fees due?

Prior to the beginning of each half term

What if fees are paid late?

There may be a fee for late payment and the balance of annual fees will automatically become due.